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925s Silver Mens Ring With Tiger Eye Stone LMR374_TG

925s Silver Mens Ring With Tiger Eye Stone LMR374_TG

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  • Puur 925s zilver
  • Makkelijk 14 dagen retour
  • Gratis cadeauverpakking
Add a touch of luxury and natural beauty to your jewelry collection with this 925s Silver Men's Ring With Tiger Eye Stone. This beautiful ring is made of high quality 925 sterling silver and is specially designed for men who are looking for a unique and meaningful accessory.

The ring has an elegant and refined design, with a striking tiger eye stone as the centerpiece. The warm, earthy tones of the tiger eye stone create a dazzling effect, while the silver frame provides a subtle contrast and a timeless look.

The tiger eye stone is often associated with protection, self-confidence and courage. Wearing this ring can help you strengthen your inner strength and promote a sense of balance and stability.
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