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Beaded Bracelet Variscite and Lava

Beaded Bracelet Variscite and Lava

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Beaded Bracelet Variscite

Material: Natural Stone, Variscite, 925 Sterling Silver -Lava

Bead size : 7  mm

The Beaded Bracelet Variscite is a beautiful piece with natural stone beads of Variscite and accents of 925 sterling silver. Variscite is known for its beautiful green color and is associated with peace and harmony. This bracelet has been made by hand with care and exudes a unique and natural beauty.

The combination of the green Variscite stones and the silver accent creates a stylish and timeless design that will appeal to both men and women. The bracelet has an elastic cord, making it comfortable to fit any wrist.

Whether you are looking for a personal piece of jewelery for yourself or a meaningful gift for a loved one, the Beaded Bracelet Variscite is an excellent choice. It is a symbol of peace, balance and positive energy.

Add this beautiful bracelet to your collection and enjoy the natural beauty and positive vibes it brings. Order now and experience the magic of the Beaded Bracelet Variscite for yourself.

Note: Each stone is unique and may vary slightly in color and pattern, giving each bracelet its own character.

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