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Beaded Bracelet Variscite

Beaded Bracelet Variscite

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Beaded Bracelet Variscite

Material: Natural Stone, Variscite, 925 Sterling Silver

Bead size : 7  mm

Discover the timeless beauty of our "Beaded Bracelet Variscite with Silver" for both men and women, exclusively available at byLYDIAN.

This beautiful bracelet is hand crafted with carefully selected variscite beads and high quality silver. The natural green color of the variscite stones radiates tranquility and harmony, while the silver accent adds a touch of elegance.

The "Beaded Bracelet Variscite with Silver" is not only a stylish accessory, but also has a deeper meaning. Variscite is known for its healing properties and promoting inner peace and emotional balance. Wear this bracelet as a symbol of serenity and positive energy.

Whether you're looking for a sophisticated gift for yourself or a loved one, this bracelet is sure to please. With its adjustable elastic band, it easily fits any wrist and offers comfortable wearing pleasure.

Add a touch of natural beauty and spiritual meaning to your outfit with our "Beaded Bracelet Variscite with Silver". Order today at byLYDIAN and be enchanted by the timeless charm of this beautiful piece of jewelry.

Strong Elastic Leather bracelet of approximately 18-21 cm in circumference. The bracelet fits everyone.

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