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Silver Necklace With Pendant BIRD BLAR032

Silver Necklace With Pendant BIRD BLAR032

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This handmade piece of jewelery is made of high quality 925 silver. It is plated with gold and has a black rhodium-plated finish, which gives it a unique look. The flying dove symbol is elegantly embossed.

This impressive necklace bears the symbol of elegance and freedom, the dove. Crafted by hand, this necklace shows craftsmanship and attention to detail in every aspect.

The silver's natural shine, combined with the gold-plated gold and black rhodium-plated finish, gives this necklace a unique look. It is suitable for everyday wear and can also be worn on special occasions to complete your style.

This special necklace is a perfect choice to spoil yourself or your loved ones. With its elegance and meaning, this necklace attracts attention and makes a perfect gift for any style and age.

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