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Sword - Silver Men's Ring With Onyx

Sword - Silver Men's Ring With Onyx

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  • Puur 925s zilver
  • Makkelijk 14 dagen retour
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925 Silver Men's Ring With Onyx Stone 

Item no. : CLMR0249

Material : 925 Silver

Stone type : Onyx - Zirconia

Collection : Men's ring with stone

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Sword - 925 Silver Men's Ring With Onyx Stone, a tough and striking piece of jewelry that is perfect for men. This beautiful ring is designed and manufactured by

The ring is made of high quality 925 sterling silver, which ensures durability and a luxurious look. The design of the ring is inspired by a sword, which gives it a unique and powerful look.

The centerpiece of the ring is an onyx stone. The black onyx is a symbolic stone that represents strength and protection. This stone not only adds visual appeal to the ring, but also has a deeper meaning.

The Sword 925 Silver Men's Ring With Onyx Stone is an excellent choice for men who want to make a statement with their jewelry. Whether for a special occasion or just as an everyday accessory, this ring is sure to turn heads. is a brand that focuses on providing high quality jewelry with unique designs. Each piece is crafted with care and is a combination of craftsmanship and style. This ring is a perfect example of's attention to detail and quality.

If you are looking for a unique men's ring with a powerful design, the Sword- 925 Silver Men's Ring With Onyx Stone the right choice. It will not only enhance your personal style, but also be a symbol of strength and individuality.

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